MDS Construction Management provides estimates such as bid estimates, budget estimates, design estimates, detailed estimates, and more.

Detailed estimates are prepared at the trade cost level using a database format so that data can be sorted and summarized to generate user-specified reports. We establish a uniform cost estimating framework and maintain it from inception through design, bid and award, and construction phases of the project. The application of a uniform framework facilitates consistent cost reporting and the ready identification of cost changes as the design develops.

The pricing for each estimate is based on current market conditions and reflects the project type, site constraints, geographical area, quality levels and all other cost-related factors. Construction cost estimates include a basis of estimate (BOE). We provide a narrative summary of the technical documents used for the scope of work, the basis of the quantities, all assumptions, basis of trade costs, assumed construction schedule and escalation, markups used for general conditions, overhead and profit to arrive at the estimated contractor bid value.

MDS has provided budget estimates on the following projects:

Park Ave / 125 Street Public Realm – NYCEDC – The project scope of work includes removing existing pavement, demolishing, regrading, and adding cast-in-place color concrete pavement. Remove, replace and repair sidewalks pavement, perform hand excavation, pavement saw-cutting, trench drains, catch basins, new handicap walkway ramps, add new light fixtures, outlets, and provide new conduit run within 125 St Public Realm Plaza.  Also, new road pavement striping shall be performed at 124 St, 125 St & 126 St. on both sides of the Roadway on Park Ave. This includes the following:

  1. Site Preparation

  2. Street work and grading

  3. Sewer work

  4. Water distribution

  5. Site Connection – Power

  6. Station Plaza Electrical

  7. Traffic Signals & Street Lighting

  8. Communication work

  9. Gas Service

  10. Traffic Control

  11. Furnishings – Fixed

  12. Furnishings – Movable