MDS Construction Management provides Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling services. Scheduling is critical to the success of any project. Our team has extensive experience in preparation and maintenance of construction schedules, and we use the latest Primavera P6 version to be in line with the systems currently in place at the project. The development of realistic schedules, timeframes, milestones, phases, and construction packages is the baseline for sound time management and control.

The master project schedule will be updated to identify all key project constraints and milestones, including any pre-construction activities, shop drawings, long lead time materials and equipment identification, procurement, construction, tenant improvement, preliminary punch list development, beneficial occupancy, and final punch list completion.

MDS has provided Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling on the following projects:

New York City School Construction Authority (NYCSCA) Experience

  • Bronx Community H.S. X450 – The Scope of work includes replacing all existing analog cameras with new megapixel digital cameras (supplied by the authority) at the same location. Reuse the existing FS box, conduits and CAT6 cable in existing conduit between the existing FS box and the IDF/MDF room. Terminate, test, certify and label cables on both ends before the installation of the new cameras. Connect this cable at the FS box end to the new patch cable via new CAT6 female jack single port biscuit in existing FS box.

  • New Dorp High School – LLW No. 090321 – Reso “A” Auditorium Upgrade

  • P.S. 65X – LLW No. 082921 – Concrete Slab Replacement

  • P.S.. 051M – LLW No. 085280 – RPZ Water Service Upgrade

  • P.S. 161M – LLW No. 087220 – Lighting Replacement

  • P.S.. 66X – LLW No. 104513 – School Based Health Clinic

  • P.S.. 129M – LLW No. 097777 – Science Lap Upgrade

  • P.S. 196Q – LLW No. 073763 – Reso A Auditorium Upgrade

  • P.S. 139 – LLW No. 099515, 096133 – Roofs, Water Penetration Repair

  • P.S. 226Q – LLW No. 094574 – TCU Removal & Playground Redevelopment

  • Midwood H.S. – Brooklyn – LLW No. 095534 – Electrical System Upgrade

  • Philip Randolph – Manhattan – LLW No. 102091 – Lighting Replacement

  • P.S. 1M – LLW No. 091316, 085348, 085273 – Low Voltage FA/PA Clock System, RPZ Valve

  • JHS 72Q – LLW No. 080487 – Playground Redevelopment

  • P.S. 184Q – LLW No. 091540 – Auditorium Upgrade

  • P.S. 95K – LLW No. 089391 – Ext. Masonry, Parapets, Roofs

  • P.S. 85Q – LLW No. 085341, 085277, 093517 – New Fire Alarm, PS Systems, RPZ

  • P.S. 64X – LLW No. 084203 – Lighting Replacement

  • P.S. 44R – LLW No. 102098 – Lighting Replacement

  • P.S. 31Q – LLW No. 087232 – Lighting Fixtures Replacement