• MTACC Contract #CH061A – East Side Access East Side Access is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the US – Construction Cost $10.8 billion. MTACC Contract #CH061A scope includes the installation of or modification to existing catenaries both on the Port Washington (Milestone #1) and Montauk Cutoff (Milestone #2) sections. The main portion of work on the project is for the excavation and placement of concrete to establish a section of the new track “A” structure.  The project includes this scope for approximately 950’ of structure.
  • Flood Repairs at St. George Interlocking, Staten Island, NY – Contract T-80276 – Construction Cost $79M. The project consisted of the replacement of the existing tracks with the associated signal and traction power at the terminal. A primary goal was to address changing field conditions in a timely manner to expedite construction while minimizing commuter impact. 
  • Design Build Power/C&S Infrastructure Improvements Phase I & II, NY to Metro-North for this $200 million design-build project involving construction of new substations, and significant power, communications and signaling infrastructure improvements. 
  • TBTA BB-28S, Sandy Restoration and Mitigation & BB-54, Rehabilitation of the Tunnel and Brooklyn Plaza at the Plaza L. Carey for this $300 million. The project involves restoring post Sandy and includes construction of new concrete catwalk and new electrical work.
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